Coarsening in the Ising Model

Demagnetize the sample by running briefly at H = 0 and T = 10 (or hit T=inf). Now set T below T_c (say, T=0) and let it run. Describe how the pattern changes with time. (As the pattern develops, the changes occur more slowly and you may want to increase "Sweep Increment" using the configure button to 10 or more.) By

  1. measuring on the screen by eye,
  2. by writing a subroutine to measure correlation functions and finding the half-maximum, or
  3. using the energy as a measure of the total length of the surface between spin up and spin down regions (valid only at low temperature),
find the typical size L(t) of the red and white domains, and graph it versus time. What power law do we expect it to grow with? Does it grow as expected? When do finite-size effects start changing things?

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