Materials Simulations

Tentative Schedule for Spring 2000

Molecular Dynamics

Monday January 24Signing In, Intro to Molecular Dynamics
Thursday January 27Potentials and Lennard Jones

Monday January 31Verlet: Accuracy, Stability, Fidelity
Thursday February 4Temperature and the Subject/Observer Pattern

Monday February 7Neighbor Lists and Cell Structures
Thursday February 10Concluding MD

Cellular Automata: Hysteresis and Avalanches

Monday February 14Starting from Scratch: Cellular Automata and Console Applications
Thursday February 17Avalanches and the Brute-Force Algorithm

Monday February 21Hysteresis and Barkhausen Noise: Graphics
Thursday February 24Time Efficiency: the Sorted-List Algorithm and the Standard Template Library

Monday February 28Space Efficiency: Bits
Thursday March 2Concluding Cellular Automata

Lattice Monte Carlo

Monday March 6Heat Bath Monte Carlo
Thursday March 9Markov, Ergodicity, and Detailed Balance

Monday March 13Cluster Flips and the Wolff Algorithm
Thursday March 16Scaling and the Critical Point

Monday March 20Spring Break
Thursday March 23Spring Break

Monday March 27Continuous Time, Voter Dynamics, and Rare-Event Dynamics, ...
Thursday March 30Coarsening and Spinodal Decomposition

Phase Field Models (Rauscher?)

Monday April 3Solving PDE's with Fourier Transforms
Thursday April 6Phase Field Models of Interfacial Growth

Monday April 10Lab
Thursday April 13Lab

Finite-Element Models (Chen?)

Monday April 17Basis of Finite Element Theory
Thursday April 20Crack Growth

Electronic Structure Theory (Arias)

Monday April 24Electronic Structure Theory
Thursday April 27Electronic Structure Theory

Monday May 1Electronic Structure Theory
Thursday May 4Electronic Structure Theory

Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters, and Complexity, now available at Oxford University Press (USA, Europe).