Spring, 1995

New Tools in Physics:


Symbolic Manipulation,

and Visualization


This course is aimed at entering graduate students who are interested in a glimpse of what research - style computation can be like.

Physics 682 meets in Rock B6 Wednesday, September 6, at 2:00!

  • Lab Format
  • Independent Projects
  • No Long Homework Sets
  • Undergrads Welcome

Class Information

Three Body Problem
Ising Model
Old Period Doubling (Mathematica)

Final Projects


Cornell Undergraduate Physics Teaching Lab.
Template for a HTML Home Page.
How to Scan Photos.
How to Write a Paper in TeX (actually revtex).
How to Make a Movie from tcl.
Linking tcl and c.
Converting Mathematica notebooks to HTML format
Class List.
LASSP Home Page, and Entertaining Science Done There.

Last modified: December 11, 1995

James P. Sethna, sethna@lassp.cornell.edu.

Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters, and Complexity, now available at Oxford University Press (USA, Europe).