Computational Methods for Nonlinear Systems

Physics 7682 - Fall 2014

Instructor: Chris Myers

Mondays & Fridays 1:30-3:30, Rockefeller B3 (directions)

A cell is composed of many intertwined regulatory and signaling networks. Proteins, RNA, and DNA act upon one another to control cellular processes and responses to changes in the environment. In this module, we study a model of a synthetic regulatory circuit, the Repressilator, which consists of a loop of three proteins, each of which represses the transcription of the next (akin to the rock-paper-scissors game). As in the Stochastic Cells module, we compare stochastic and deterministic representations of the Repressilator dynamics, here in a much more complex system, where good software design allows seamless conversion between two very different simulation strategies. We also study the difference between shot noise and telegraph noise.