This is Luke Donev's very basic webpage.

I've finished my PhD in Physics and have found employment as a Staff Scientist at the Connecticut Science Center. I present and help develop science shows and exhibits. (Which is to say I do things like blow things up to get folks excited about science.)

Here's the highlight video of a show I did at the Ithaca Sciencenter. The fact that I was doing this type of thing throughout graduate school was why I went in to informal science education.

Check out the Sciencenter webpage for more mousetrap videos or to download the files.

I intend to keep dancing and calling contra dances and be a member-at-large of the Mad Robin Callers Collective
I've gotten to call in Greenfield and around Connecticut, and will be putting up my own caller's page at some point.

Other hobbies and activities can be found on my links page.

If you want to get a hold of me I'm on Facebook, or you can e-mail me at my name at gmail. Thanks for visiting.

Page last updated Ovtober 2011