About me

me3Postdoc at University of California, San Diego

PhD Physics, Cornell University, USA
Dipl.ing. Physics, University of Zagreb, Croatia


Presently, I am a postdoctoral scholar at UC San Diego, developing a toy model to gain insight into the spatial organization of a human gut microbiome.

For my PhD work, I used experimental and theoretical techniques from physics, bioengineering and computer science, such as information theory and microfluidic technology to address some open questions in cell biology.

My main efforts were directed at studying the limits of chemical gradient sensing in eukaryotic cells (D. discoideum) using Shannon’s information theory. On theoretical side, I’m solving reaction-diffusion models to investigate how cells affect their immediate environment when sensing extracellular signals. In parallel, my efforts are aimed at large scale collective behavior in this organism.

You can find more about my research by clicking on the Research link above.


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