About Me

I am a PhD candidate in the field of Physics at Cornell University. My academic interests are predominantly related to computational science and the study of complex networks.

My committee chair at Cornell is Christopher R. Myers, who has an interest in dynamics on complex networks and modeling infectious diseases. My work in the Myers group has focused on creating stochastic simulations of infectious disease dynamics and understanding how a heterogeneous contact network affects (limits or enhances) how disease spreads through a population.

I have also done worked with Paul Ginsparg to try to understand and analyze publishing data taken from the arXiv. We have looked into the problem of authors re-using text from their own work or from other sources. We have also explored a number of methods for detecting the formation of new sub-disciplines of science based on data taken from the collaboration networks of co-authors and the textual data taken from arXiv articles.

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In 2012 I was awarded a National Science Foundation GRFP Fellowship.

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Code for Simulations

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