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Research, Projects, and Reports


The following are reports I have produced for various class assignments and research projects. More effort has gone into them than the standard homework assignment, and they tend to demonstrate my abilities in data presentation and desktop publishing.

Neutron Star Domains

Graduate Research

HR Diagram Probabilities

Astronomy 6560: Theory of Stellar Structure and Evolution

Physics 6525: Astrophysics of Compact Objects

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NASA Academy (Marshall Space Flight Center)

PHYS405: Advanced Experiments

Orbit Spectra

ASTR399: Honors Research Seminar

Pterosaur Cladogram

HONR219D: Patterns and Enigmas in Vertebrate Evolution

N-Body Simulation Map of Maryland

PHYS411: Electricity and Magnetism

  • Solving Poisson’s Equation for the State of Maryland

    My term project in PHYS411 was to develop an implementation of the finite element method and use it to solve for the electric potential within an arbitrary grounded boundary due to an arbitrary distribution of enclosed charge.

Map of Pompeii

HONR208S: The Ancient Roman City

  • Block Analysis

    An analysis of regio VII, insula xii in the city of Pompeii.

PHYS299: Special Problems in Physics

Independent Projects

  • 3D flythrough of large-scale cosmological structure (I think I might have lost this...)

    Video created from SDSS quasar data using Blender.