Cornell Photograph


General Interest

  • Tanky-Tank

    Tanky-Tank is an arcade-style, top-down, tank combat game. It's currently being developed by a number of former residents of Anne Arundel Hall at the University of Maryland for the sheer joy of creating a computer game.

  • Mayan Glyphs

    Cornell astronomy Maya website.

  • Patrick Muhlberger, Writer/Director

    My brother Pat is an aspiring screenwriter. His website contains several excellent movies he has made in the past.

  • Trailerpark Movie

    A feature-length ensemble drama based on the acclaimed book of short stories by Russell Banks. It is being written, produced, and directed by students of Ohio University.




Writing, Design, and Publication



  • xkcd

    Humor for scientists, engineers, and computer nerds like me.

  • PHD Comics

    All-too-true humor for grad students.