How well do web browsers understand color? Every image on this page represents the exact same colorimetric state and, with the possible exception of the “uncalibrated” files, should render identically to one another, regardless of the display profile in use. Additionally, this common rendering should reproduce the sRGB restriction of the colors of the ColorChecker patches to the extent allowed by the display device.

The images on this page are intended to test the ability of web browsers, image viewers, and video players to recognize and interpret sRGB (and BT.709) colors and reproduce them on the user’s display device. They should be suitable for inclusion in bug reports when software is unable to render them consistently and correctly. Color profiles other than sRGB are not considered here.

Raster images

JPEG, uncalibrated

ColorChecker: JPEG, uncalibrated


ColorChecker: JPEG, ICC

PNG, indexed-colour, uncalibrated

ColorChecker: PNG, indexed-colour, uncalibrated

PNG, truecolour, uncalibrated

ColorChecker: PNG, truecolour, uncalibrated

PNG, indexed-colour, sRGB

ColorChecker: PNG, indexed-colour, sRGB

PNG, truecolour, sRGB

ColorChecker: PNG, truecolour, sRGB

PNG, indexed-colour, ICC

ColorChecker: PNG, index-colour, ICC

PNG, truecolour, ICC

ColorChecker: PNG, truecolour, ICC

Vector images


ColorChecker: SVG

SVG, icc-color

ColorChecker: SVG, icc-color



H.264, sRGB

H.264, sRGB, full_range

H.264, BT.709

H.264, BT.709, full_range

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