Alex Alemi
Cornell Physics Graduate Student
E-mail: ude.llenroc@442aaa
Office: 425A PSB

Pong Ping

Pong ping is a Cornell original variant of ping pong. Where ping-pong has an unstable equilibrium, it appears pong-ping has a stable one.


  • Traditional ping-pong rules apply, except where enumerated below.

  • Every return by a player must first touch the player's side before hitting the opponent's. In this way, every hit is like a traditional ping pong serve.

  • Serves change sides every three points

  • Games are played to 11, with a win by 2

  • House Rule: An optional house rule is that if the ball when coming to your side contacts in the outer painted edge of the table, instead of returning in the usual way, you can instead hit your opponent directly to earn the point.

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