Physics Challenge 2011

Welcome to The Virtuosi's Physics Challenge Problem website! The only [1] website that offers prizes for answering fun physics problems. Anyone can enter, just send an email with your response to the contact link above.

RECENT CHALLENGE PROBLEM: The current problem ("Time Machine") can be found here. It was posted on 5 Sept. 2011 and will be open until Friday November 4th. update Award Show. Solutions.

There are two main classes of problems for you to solve. The first is The Physics Challenge Problem. This will be a once-every-now-and-again posted open ended problem to solve. Our goal is to make these understandable and solvable by anyone, but the more physics you know the better! We will accept submissions to each Physics Challenge Problem for a month after it was posted [2]. The winner(s) will be sent a super-fun-awesome prize (if they want it). Winners will be determined in a largely arbitrary and subjective way, but we would really like it if you try to account for all your uncertainties and possible sources of errors. Seriously, that will make us happy.

The second class of problem we have is the always-ongoing set of Kapitsa Problems (see the Problems link above for a listing). These are a collection of problems written by the Russian physicist Pytor Kapitsa. If you provide the best solution to any of these problems you will also receive a super-fun-awesome prize and we will post your solution on THE INTERNET!

One of our main goals here is to encourage discussion of fun problems, so we have set up a forum in which you can discuss the problems or your solutions with others. This is just an open Google Groups page we have created (see Discussion link above). We highly encourage participation in this group! Hopefully, this will allow us to build a nice little Physics Problems community.

[1] I have no idea if this is actually true.

[2] This "deadline" is contingent upon us receiving enough valid entries and our own laziness. So in an ideal world the challenge would last for a month, but in the real world that should only be taken as a hard lower bound.

Questions or comments? Send us an email through the contact link above.

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