The Linear Theory of Battleship

The above shows the data I collected in my investigation of the linear theory of battleship. Use the checkboxes to select which Matrices you want to look at, where B is the base probabilities and W is the information matrix. Use the radio buttons to select which probability field you want to look at, A: All, C: Carrier, B: Battleship, S: Sub, D: Destroyer, P: Patrol Boat. Click on the square array to set the information. Left clicking will cycle through [None, O: Miss, X: Hit], while shift-left clicking will cycle through [C: Carrier hit, B: Battleship hit, S: Sub hit, D: Destroyer hit, P: Patrol boat hit, X: Unknown ship hit ].

For reference, I'm referring to a game where the Carrier is length 5, Battleship is length 4, Sub and Destoyer are length 3 and the Patrol Boat is length 2.

Matrices to use:
Probability to show:

This is where the data goes, you don't seem to have support of the canvas tag.
Scale (percents)
This is where the scale would have been
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