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The Solid State Simulation (SSS) Project

Most recent update of these pages -- February 15, 2011


Thanks to the efforts of Jim Sethna, Johannes Voss, Barry Robinson, and Craig Fennie, the SSS software has finally been upgraded for Mac OSX, Linux and Windows systems. For more information and to download the software go to the version of your choice:

Macintosh OS X



The material from here down is obsolete but is left on the site for those few users still using the early versions of the SSS software---

Have you problems installing SSS with Linux?---

If so, note posting 1.19. You might also want to check postings 1.17 and 1.14.

Do you save data from the graph windows of the SSS programs?---

If so, note postings 6.3 and 7.1. There may be similar problems with others of the programs. These bugs, if any, should not affect normal use of the programs, but only the use of the data files in other applications, e.g., Excel.

Installation of SSS on newer Windows systems---

Go to postings 1.18.

Download the most recent ("most recent" here implies on the time scale of 2005!) version of the SSS software

Is the book still in print? Yes and No!

Hardcover with the CD?

Cambridge University Press has run out of CDs and has decided not to make additional ones: hence the hardcover edition and CDs will no longer be available. HOWEVER, we have posted the files for the updated versions of the SSS programs on this site so that you may download them freely for your own use.

Softcover without the CD?

According to Cambridge University Press (CUP), the paperback edition should be perpetually(??) in print. If you have trouble getting it, PLEASE let us know!!

From the relevant e-mail (November, 2001) from CUP:

"This book is being digitised for our short-run reprinting programme at the moment. ... once a book is ready and available on the new reprinting programme, it is unlikely to have stock outs again. We will order 12 months stock and immediately the stock falls to 6 months worth of sales, we order another 6 months stock (which takes about 20 days to arrive).

"This is a completely new programme to the Press. On the positive side, it will prevent stock outs, as mentioned, it is allowing us to keep books in print pretty much indefinitely (so it is now getting pretty rare for us to declare a book out of print), and it is allowing us to bring out-of-print books back into availability. "

Trouble installing SSS on a linux system?

Go to postings 1.14 and 1.17.

More Advertising

We couldn't resist the temptation to give you the summary paragraph of a review in European Journal of Physics:

"The package is undoubtedly a milestone in the publication of physics textbooks. Just as Kittel's publication in the 1960s paved the way for university courses in the modern era, so this in its turn opens the way into the computer-based learning systems of the next century. For be assured that this is a serious operation. There is a very large amount of material in this package, to the point where students would certainly need guidance as to its use. But as a stunning example of what can be achieved by first-class teachers in a world-class institution, it will take a lot of beating. It must surely be an essential purchase in every physics department in the UK, if not the world."

After that, how can you resist?

Low Resolution Monitors--

The reprint version of Simulations for Solid State Physics includes modifications of the original SSS programs that allow use with low resolution (800x600 or 640x480) monitors. The new versions also have a more uniform interface window, and some minor bugs in the original Windows versions have been fixed. However, you do NOT need to buy a new copy of the book to upgrade your existing software to the new version; simply go to downloading to obtain the approp riate updater.

We must confess to having left a minor bug in the Mac version. If the screen resolution is changed manually, the animation programs slow down by about a factor of two. Normal speed is easily restored: click on the "display" window a second time to bring down its menu. Then click anywhere.

We're sorry to be unable to provide an update for Unix AIX3 and we will not be able to check whether the update will work on for Windows 3.1.


It was great to find that you found the time to produce the low-resolution add-on to SSS. I downloaded the file, and it seems to work just fine on my office Macintosh (I now enjoy a decent Mac 6500 in my office, hence am not restricted to using SSS at home!). Many thanks, also on behalf of those users who did not learn about the good news yet, or who cannot spare a minute to say they appreciated it.

I would like to tell you how wonderful I find your and Joerg Draeger's Simulations on Solid State physics. The combination of the illustration and simulation value of the simulations themselves, and of the simple and profound questions you challenge the user with, make them, in my opinion, a real masterpiece.

I have just installed your simulation software and taken a first look at BRAVAIS. I am truly impressed by the performance of the software and the clarity of the accompanying book. Until yesterday, my students were still struggling to fully understand the distinction between lattices and crystal structures, primitive and non-primitive cells and the like. I have assigned part of the BRAVAIS exercises as homework, and I expect that your (and Dr. Draeger's) Simulations will be of invaluable help to th em.

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