Lounge, computers, online resources

Physical Resources

The undergraduate physics lounge is located in Rockefeller B81, and has tables (for meetings), blackboards (for pset-ing), computers (for computing), textbooks (for reading), and a large couch (for napping).
For room access, contact Dang Pham (dcp237).

Research and Project Teams

There are many research opportunities at Cornell; just find a relevant professor and ask nicely. For examples, see this incomplete list of student's research experiences.

Many students do research over the summer at Cornell. Others apply to Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programs, which come with funding from the National Science Foundation.

Some students, particularly those interested jobs in industry, work in project teams.

Graduate School and GRE Prep Resources

You might find Cornell grad student Daniel Citron's GRE prep materials useful. This outline might also be useful in planning your courses, especially for people new to the program.


SPS holds tutorials on Mathematica and LaTeX.

The Mathematica tutorial notebook is available here, and information about the LaTeX tutorial is available here