LaTeX Tutorial

Typesetting for the win

After this tutorial, you will be able use LaTeX to make professional documents. LaTeX is great for typing equation-heavy problem sets and lab reports quickly and beautifully.

Getting started

You can complete the tutorial on your own machine or use the computers in physics lounge (Rockefeller B2). The links below might be useful:

  • Installation: PDF and TeX
  • Running LaTeX in the Computer Lab PDF
  • A possibly useful presentation: PDF TeX

Quick Tutorial

As an alternative to the longer autotutorial below, you can also just work through this document (PDF) .


You can complete the autotutorial by working through the following documents. "Hello World" through "Figures" are the most useful tutorials. "Math and Diagrams" and "Macros" are just gravy. Your goal should be to master LaTeX well enough to use the "Lab Report" template to write reports of your own.

Useful Links

  • LaTeX Homepage: The place for information about development, distribution, and documentation
  • LaTeX WikiBook: A comprehensive reference on typesetting documents with LaTeX. The math chapter is very useful!
  • Detexify: Can't remember the name of the symbol you want to type? DRAW IT! Otherwise, you can search the comprehensive list hand.
  • REVTeX 4: The American Physical Society's standard for creating journal articles. The lab report example above utilizes this package.