Undergraduate chairs and faculty sponsors

Our current facutly advisor is Prof. Yuval Grossman. Our undergraduate student leaderhip consists of:
  • Executive Board
    • Joseph Parisi (email), President
    • Roman Marcarelli (email), Vice President
    • Julia Kruk (email), Outreach Chair
    • Alex Wang (email), Secretary
    • Saaj Chattopadhyay (email), Treasurer
    • Kaiwen Zheng (email), Special Events Chair
    • Eric Shen (email), Programming Director
    • Ricky Wilde (email), Lounge Manager
  • Internal Cabinet
    • Jessica Hersh (email), Advising Director
    • Dang Pham (email), Webmaster
    • Evan Solomonides (email), Social Chair
  • External Cabinet
    • Jinshi Chen (email), Education Chair
    • Daniel Longenecker (email), Competition Chair
    • Yuchen Han (email), Service Chair
    • Peter Zeiger (email), Alumni Chair
  • SPS Representatives
    • Maria Yampolskaya (email), Women in Physics Chair
    • Cher Wang (email), Diversity Liason
    • Becky Maksimovic (email), STEM Representative

SPS Annual Reports

For formal, annual reports of our past events, click on a button below.