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Welcome to the SPS!

We are the undergraduate physics organization on campus, having both an academic and social purpose. Academically, we hope to help physics students learn about physics opportunities here at Cornell, and also about career and academic paths after graduation. We also hope to be a venue for students interested in physics to get to know one another and get involved in potential outreach projects. Anyone who is interested in physics is welcome and encouraged to join. There are no membership fees or dues. To join, simply come to events and activities sponsered by SPS!

You can learn more about what we did over the 2013-2014 school year by reading our annual report.

SPS Communications

You may join our email listserve and OrgSync to stay up to date on SPS announcements and events. To join the Society of Physics Students listserve, send an email to


with the word "join" with no quotes in the body and no subject. Join SPS on OrgSync here.

Undergraduate Physics Lounge

One of our greatest assets is the undergraduate physics lounge, Rockefeller B2 (more information). This room is a great place to do physics (or math) problem sets by yourself or in groups!

The lounge requires card access. To obtain card access, please send an email to Vivek Pisharody (vap52) with your name, NetID, and Cornell ID Number, and specify that you are requesting card access to Rockefeller B2 through SPS.

Resource Page

Looking for resources?

Check out our Resources page.

Undergraduate Research

Interested in doing physics research?

Check out our Student Research page to see all of the spotlights for some ideas!

Do you want your research on the SPS website?

Research Submission Google Doc Form

(This is a great resource for underclassmen who are looking for a research group to join!)