This extensive list of fellowships, internships, and jobs was compiled in 2006, and as a result we may be missing some newer opportunities. While we have tried to keep all of the links and application deadlines up-to-date, some details may not be accurate. If you have corrections or additions, please let us know.


Fellowships for Seniors and Graduate Students

  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

    Three-year graduate research fellowship awarded to graduating seniors and new graduate students. Physics applications due November 14, 2012. Cornell recipients include Ryan Badman and Jennifer Chu (2013); Robin Bjorkquist, Jorge Chaves, Daniel Citron, Lorien Hayden, Collin Reynolds, Summer Saraf and Greg Stiehl (2012); Jared Maxson, Kathryn McGill, Matt Reichl and Haofei Wei (2011); Lauren Aycock, Francois Hebert, Jessie Killian, Zach Lamberty, Alex Mellnik, Jesse Silverberg and Eva Smith (2010); and Kendra Letchworth Weaver (2007).

  • National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Research Fellowship Program

    Three-year graduate research fellowship awarded to graduating seniors and new graduate students. Applications due December 14, 2012. Cornell recipients include Collin Reynolds (2012), Brian Leahy (2011) and Robin Smith Petruzielo (2006).

  • Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Fellowship Program

    Three-year fellowship for seniors, first- and second-year graduate students who plan to pursue graduate research in one of the following areas: advanced scientific computing research, biological and environmental research, basic energy sciences, fusion energy sciences, high energy physics and nuclear physics. Must be a US citizen. Not offered every year. Last year the application was due January 4, 2012. Cornell recipients include Evan MacQuarrie (2012), Nic Eggert (2010) and Alex Mellnik (2010).

  • Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

    Four year graduate fellowship for scientists, mathematicians, and engineers conducting research with a large computational aspect. Requires extra course work and at least one three month stint at a DOE national lab. Awarded to graduating seniors/first or second year graduate students (very rarely anyone later in their degree). Must be US citizen or permanent resident. Applications due in January.

  • IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Awards

    It is renewable for up to three years and supports non-US citizens as well as US citizens. Research must involve substantial computational effort. A mentor from IBM is necessary and a summer project there is recommended. Students must be nominated by a faculty member between late September and early November.

  • Hertz Foundation Fellowship

    Graduate research fellowship awarded to graduating seniors and new graduate students. Applications due November 2, 2012.

  • National Physical Science Consortium

    Graduate research fellowship awarded to graduating seniors and first-year graduate students. Duration varies by sponsor, must intern at sponsor institution for two summers. Dissertation Support Fellowships available for older grad students. Applications due 30 November.

  • Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship

    The SMART program aims to increase the number of scientists and engineers working at Department of Defense labs by supporting undergraduate and graduate students in STEM disciplines. Must be a US citizen. Must be willing to accept post-graduate employment with the DoD. Application due December 14, 2012.

  • Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship

    Funded by the DoE’s National Nuclear Security Administration and open to seniors and first- and second-year graduate students studying high energy density physics, nuclear science, properties of materials under extreme conditions, and hydrodynamics. Support for up to four years, but must be renewed each year. Must be a US citizen or permanent resident. Application due in January.

  • Integrative Graduate Education And Research Traineeship (IGERT)

    The Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) program seeks to train Ph.D. scientists and engineers with the interdisciplinary background and the technical, professional and personal skills needed to address the global questions of the future. Through the use of innovative curricula and internships, and by focusing on problem-centered training, these programs give their graduates the edge needed to become leaders in their chosen fields. To learn more about IGERT Ph.D. programs located at universities across the country, and to find a program that’s right for you, visit their web page. There are over 100 programs nationwide. Participants receive a $30,000 stipend, plus tuition and fees. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. IGERT is a program of the National Science Foundation. Graduating seniors and new graduate students welcome to apply. Cornell recipients include Kathryn McGill.

  • Cornell NanoBiotechnology Center (NBTC) Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowships

    Up to three awards given annually, provides full funding for one 9 month period, usually not renewable. Awards given for research in: biomolecular devices, cellular microdynamics, cell surface interactions, nanoscale cell biology, and nanoscale materials. Although occasionally given as incentive for incoming graduate students, these fellowships are more often awarded internally at the recommendation of a department or professor. For more information, contact Randy Hess. Cornell recipients include: Samantha Roberts.

  • Cornell Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS) Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowships

    Full or partial fellowships, often renewable, given as incentives for new grads or awarded internally to Cornell grads/postdocs who will make extensive use of the Cornell Nanofabrication Facilities. Contact information.

  • Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR)

    CCMR may offer similar fellowships to NBTC and CNS. Contact information.

  • Cornell University Graduate School Fellowships Database

Fellowships and Internships for Continuing Undergraduates

  • Goldwater Scholarship

    Established by Congress in 1986 to foster and encourage excellence in science and mathematics, the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation operates an educational scholarship program designed to provide opportunities for American undergraduate students with excellent academic records and outstanding potential. Goldwater Scholarships support study in the fields of mathematics, engineering and the natural sciences as preparation for careers in these areas. The Foundation will award up to 300 Goldwater Scholarships to students who will be college Juniors or Seniors during the 2013-2014 academic year. Awards are made on the basis of merit. Cornell is invited to nominate several Sophomores or Juniors to the national competition. Each award covers eligible expenses, including tuition, fees, books, and room and board, up to a maximum of $7,500 per year. Goldwater Scholars are eligible for one or two years of support.

  • Rieser Fellowship in Science, Technology, and Global Security

    Each year the fellowship provides a one-time award of up to $4000 to up to two undergraduate students seeking to explore the connections between science, technology, global security, and public policy (science students are especially encouraged to apply). It will be presented to students whose academic interests, extracurricular activities, and career aspirations demonstrate a significant interest in the role of scientists in formulating public policy and in addressing global security policy challenges. Applications are due in March.

For more undergraduate fellowships, see the Cornell Career Services fellowships website.

Fellowships for Graduating Seniors (not for Ph.D. programs)

  • Churchill Scholarships from the Winston Churchill Foundation

    For students with a bachelor’s degree who have not yet attained a doctorate. Covers tuition and fees for one year of graduate studies at Cambridge University, as well as a living allowance and travel allowance. Applications due November 13, 2012.

Other fellowships include Watson, Marshall, Rhodes, Mitchell, Gates Cambridge, and Fulbright. These applications are generally due between early September and October. Cornell gives information sessions about them, usually in the spring. Applications are usually submitted through Cornell. See the Cornell Career Services fellowships website.

Fellowships for Grads Looking for Postdoc Positions and Internships

Fellowships for Foreign Students

Fellowships, Internships, etc. for Undergrads, Grads, and Postdocs

Internships for Undergrads and Grads

Graduate Career Services

The Graduate Student Life Office offers career services for graduate students who are seeking jobs outside the professoriate. For more information on workshops, events and resources please join the gradcareers-l list serve. If you are uncertain how to join a list serve you can get instructions at CIT’s E-lists page.

Need More Fellowships?

Discontinued Fellowships

  • Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Fellowship

    Up to six-year graduate fellowship awarded to graduating seniors and recent grads planning to start grad school. Must apply through your current institution’s (Cornell’s) nominating representative. [Due to financial losses, graduate scholarships are only available to the Foundation’s undergraduate scholars.]

  • Bell Labs Graduate Research Fellowship Program

    Fellowships are awarded to women and members of a minority group currently underrepresented in the sciences who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. The program is primarily directed to graduating college seniors, but applications from first-year graduate students will be considered. Each participant is expected to spend the first summer working with their mentor at Bell Labs on a research project in their area of interest. Application due 12 January 2007. [Alcatel-Lucent has abandoned their focus on science and math and has therefore canceled this program.]

  • Department of Homeland Security Graduate Fellowship

    Three-year graduate research fellowship awarded to graduating seniors and new graduate students. A 10-week, continuous, off-campus research internship at a DHS-designated facility will be required during the summer between your first and second year appointments. [Discontinued due to budget cuts.]

  • AT&T Labs Fellowship Program

    Three-year fellowships are available to outstanding under-represented minority and women students who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents and who are pursuing PhD studies in computer and communications-related fields. Application due 31 January 2011.