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Physics 4410/6510 Cornell University

This is an advanced lab course where students work independently on one of over fifty different labs.


Lab Master Sheet

Course Documents

Previous Semesters

Monday Lecture Documents

Previous Semesters

Safety Precautions

General Laboratory Polices
Radiation Safety PDF
Operation of X-Ray Machines
Transferring Liquid Helium for SS-10 and SS-11
Vacuum Systems for SS-10 and SS-11

Report Writing & Presentations

Accessing Online Journals from Off-Campus

Resources for using LaTeX for Lab Reports

Data Analysis Software

We strongly encourage you to learn how to use real data software in this class. Some good data analysis software tools include :

You can get away with using Excel here and there, but it's not ideally suited for many of the things you may want to do in your labs. Mathematica can also work fine as well, but again it's not really designed for doing data analysis.

Notes on Instrumentation

Wiki Stuff

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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